Yara Khmidan

Second visit for the lovely Yara Khmidan into our pages and boy is this special. This Ukrainian hottie has all the ingredients of a modeling superstar yet it’s a mystery why she doesn’t have a huge following. Could it be the lack of exposure? Yara […]

Under Armour Speedform Apollo

We’re here to nag you again about your exercise regiment. Or the absence of it. Just a friendly reminder from us who are concerned about your health. Exercise is sometimes a drag – but when you’re wearing shoes like these, then the burden could get […]

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Nikon D5500

Updating their ‘tweener’ DSL-R camera lineup is Nikon with the introduction of the D5500 digital still camera. Why tweener? Because many people believe that it’s the perfect camera to go in between the entry level and the super serious enthusiast. That description is substantiated though. […]

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Emily Sears

With art and beauty firmly planted in her DNA, you know that Emily Sears is destined for modeling greatness. And with a name like that, you know that she’ll always be sizzling! Born in Melbourne, Australia, Emily now calls Los Angeles her home and for […]

Ford GT

There are some cars that look like they’re breaking every speed limit available even when they’re perfectly still. The all-new Ford GT is firmly in that category. I mean, just look at those lines! You know instantly that the car’s bonkers. The blue oval boys […]

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Samsung Galaxy A7

Know anyone who’s addicted to selfies? Scratch that – know anyone who doesn’t like selfies? Then you may direct him/her to the new Samsung Galaxy A7. The slim smartphone is aimed for the social media savvy who enjoys to take a self portrait or two. […]

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Mary Jean Lastimosa

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – no pageant will be complete without the controversy. While the gossip may be from one unidentified and totally unreliable source, an article is being passed around saying that Mary Jean Lastimosa has dropped out of […]

Burberry Square Aviator

Now that the Holiday Season is over, it’s time to get back to reality. Time to get back to work or to whatever it is you may be doing before the craziness began. But don’t forget that looking cool in the process of coming back […]

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LaCie Mirror

The new year deserves a new set of tools and toys for you. This includes items on your desktop that you’d normally take for granted. Like your external hard disk, for example. While it will almost always be a small black box, kinda out of […]

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Candice Swanepoel

This may probably be the last post featuring Candice Swanepoel for 2014. Incidentally, this is also the 30th post featuring this Angel on Earth. Nice round number, if you ask me. That may sound like a lot but if Candice is involved, nothing is too […]