Bojana Krsmanovic

For a while there, I thought that the first name ‘Bojana’ would be far too uncommon. But I loved to be proved wrong at this moment because there’s another beauty that goes by that name visits us. Bojana Krsmanovic certainly has a unique last name, […]

Marshall Woburn

Before the time of wireless everything, people did enjoy listening to their music through analog methods. Gadgets like turntables, cassette players and the like, were all the rage before your YouBooks or FaceTubes. The good people at Marshall understands that which is why the Woburn […]

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Nikon D7200

Shooters looking to upgrade their entry-level camera to something more beefier, faster and generally better, should definitely look at the new Nikon D7200. Needless to say, we’re talking about previous users (or fans) of the Nikon brand – i.e. those who have invested in the […]

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Gabriela Salles

Fresh new face to prepare you for a fantastic new fortnight and forward. No need for a hard sell as far as Gabriela Salles is concerned. There isn’t a whole lot of information that’s floating around about Gabriela here. But you won’t really need that […]

Epic Pi Day Shirt

As you may or may not know, this coming Saturday is important. Why you may ask? Well, it’s Pi Day. As in the mathematical symbol pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The debate is long and difficult […]

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Steinhart Military 42 Black

Lots of people still argue the very existence of a wristwatch. What with the digital variety available in your smartphones already. But for watch lovers, the best way to settle that debate is to see who can tell the time quickest. Personally, we find that […]

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Yara Khmidan

Second visit for the lovely Yara Khmidan into our pages and boy is this special. This Ukrainian hottie has all the ingredients of a modeling superstar yet it’s a mystery why she doesn’t have a huge following. Could it be the lack of exposure? Yara […]

Under Armour Speedform Apollo

We’re here to nag you again about your exercise regiment. Or the absence of it. Just a friendly reminder from us who are concerned about your health. Exercise is sometimes a drag – but when you’re wearing shoes like these, then the burden could get […]

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Nikon D5500

Updating their ‘tweener’ DSL-R camera lineup is Nikon with the introduction of the D5500 digital still camera. Why tweener? Because many people believe that it’s the perfect camera to go in between the entry level and the super serious enthusiast. That description is substantiated though. […]

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Emily Sears

With art and beauty firmly planted in her DNA, you know that Emily Sears is destined for modeling greatness. And with a name like that, you know that she’ll always be sizzling! Born in Melbourne, Australia, Emily now calls Los Angeles her home and for […]