G-Loves G-360 Digital Camo Workout Gloves

Turn heads in the gym not only for your guns, but for the awesome workout gloves you’re sporting. These digital camo workout gloves by G-Loves are not only stylish, but they’re super comfortable as well as well designed to maximize your performance. We had a […]

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Kelly Brook

Sunday might be a great time to wind down and cool your engines. That said, we apologize for revving your jets up once more with this new Kelly Brook gallery. She’s one of our favorites and every gallery is a showcase of her amazing features. […]

Orient M-Force Power Reserve

We’ve sung all kinds of praises for automatic watches. We like how they look, and how much careful engineering has been put to create them. Each one has its own distinction and function, but the most useful might be the power reserve function. It’s important […]

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Louisville Slugger Shwood Canby

Baseball bats have been the subject of many things. Legends have been created, street fights have been settled and burglaries have been prevented because of this fine instrument. Shwood has a much classier approach to repurposing bats however. The company hits it out of the […]

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Zoi Gorman

Whatever your image of a civil engineer may be, just throw it away right now. Get rid of the typical hard hat-wearing, blueprint-having dude who visits construction sites day in and day out. That’s because civil engineers can be goddesses as well. Take Zoi Gorman […]

Sony Alpha A7s

At first glance, you’d probably assume that this is just another digital camera. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find out that the Sony Alpha A7s is a powerful device for shooting stills and video. The ‘s’ in the model’s name denotes ‘sensitivity’ and the A7s […]

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Adidas City Pack Rio

The city of Rio de Janeiro will be on the spotlights once again as they host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Not that the Brazilian city left the limelight anyway. The world’s media will descend upon Rio and for nearly a month, the giants of […]

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Ivana Nadal

As always, H para Hombre magazine delivers yet another undiscovered beauty to us. This time around, it’s Ivana Nadal from Argentina who gets the spotlight. From the little info that we’ve gathered about this beauty so far, we’ve known that Ivana is a model representing […]

Logitech Living-Room Keyboard k830

Switch between your smart TV to your PC in an instant, without dealing with multiple input devices with the new Logitech Living-Room Keyboard k830. Why the need for a keyboard for your TV? Well, inputting anything using your remote control is not only laborious, it’s […]

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Why Soccer Matters

In some parts of the world, football (or soccer, if you prefer it that way) is not just a game but a religious experience. For them, the beautiful game is an amazing event. And Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more affectionately called Pele, is a god. […]

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