2008 Hennessey Dodge Challenger Turbo

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What’s a 0.9 second difference in performance like? Well, as the famous line goes, ask the runner that came in second place, with just a split second difference. Incidentally, 0.9 seconds is also the increase in 0 to 60 mph time between the stock Dodge Challenger SRT8 and this Hennessey-treated HPE600 Turbo. The Texas tuner retains the stock Hemi on the Challenger but gives it some black magic, a turbo to increase the leverage on the car to 620 horses. He also beefed up the suspension and increased the braking power of the car by installing StopTech brakes. The big bump in engine power naturally gives the Hennessey Challenger a lower and deadlier exhaust note; plus the waste gate sound from the turbos when you lift off the throttle will be enough to justify the increase in price from the stock model. $90,000.

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