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Vica Kerekes

Women will always have the upper hand in a game of pool. Men are designed to stare at women’s bodies and when she takes a shot, she inevitably exposes her curves, no matter which side of her you’re viewing. Don’t believe me? Just use your […]

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Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

We all love to sing along with his pretty songs and play to his angry chords. For the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s ground-breaking album ‘Nevermind’, Fender Guitars is releasing the special edition Kurt Cobain Jaguar. The three-color sunburst guitar has an alder body with a […]

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LaCie LaPlug

Connectivity is the name of the game these days. It’s not unusual to have two or more drives and several computers in your own home network. Link said drives and computers using the LaCie LaPlug. The black box turns any USB hard drive into a […]

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Maryna Linchuk

Now’s probably the best time to stay indoors for people in the Northern Hemisphere. It might be getting cold in your area but if Maryna Linchuk has anything to do with it, the place will be fiery hot. Her galleries are always winners and this […]

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Oakley Max Fear Light Jawbone

With the depletion of the ozone layer and the continuous pollution of the atmosphere, we’re basically fast-forwarding an impending solar Armageddon. Max Fear Light, of the Oakley commercial fame, understood this. The limited-edition shades is a tribute to him. Based on the Jawbone, the sunglasses […]

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The Mantra

If the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne is to be believed, then getting a Bugatti Veyron is as easy as thinking about it and willing the universe to deliver the million-dollar wheels to your doorstep. Positive reinforcement is good and being optimistic about earning […]

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Leila Arcieri

Interesting but true, Leila was a shy girl in her schooling days. To overcome her shyness, she joined the high-school cheerleading team, which really helped to an extent. Things changed when she was crowned Miss San Francisco in 1997. Soon after winning the title, she […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula Cognac

This isn’t the same drink that people imbibed in 1840. Instead, the Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula Cognac is a modern rendition by three artisans: Pierre Ferrand’s owner Alexandre Gabriel, cocktail historian David Wondrich and cellar master Christian Guerin. Years of experience produced this drink, […]

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Wendy Gonzalez

As the saying goes: yesterday is gone, tomorrow’s yet to be but today’s a gift, which is why it’s called present. I only said that cheesy line because Wendy Gonzalez is starring in the Mexican soap ‘Come dice el dicho’ which, according to the geniuses […]

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Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Never be caught with a dead iPhone or iPod again when you have the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. Simply put, it’s an external lithium polymer battery, worth 700 mAh, to give your more talk time for your phone or more music time for your player. […]

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