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Nike LeBron 11 Elite

What will you be wearing when LeBron James finally steps back into the Quicken Loans Arena? For Cleveland fans, that’s a historic day, when their hero goes home and plays once again for the Cavs. Since it’s a big deal, you need some fantastic kicks […]

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Visit any camera store and you’ll find out that there is no shortage of camera bags available. For all shapes, sizes and requirements, it seems like manufacturers have you covered. But not in every aspect. While the choices are varied, the colors available are trimmed […]

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Darlene Rosas

Here’s a rose for you, to brighten up your Monday. Darlene Rosas, as you could probably tell, is a model. What you don’t know is that she’s a star student. Or something like that because that’s what Google translated. She’s also hardworking, God-fearing and totally […]

Shwood Prescott

Somebody wise once said that ‘newer is always better’ and that actually holds water in some aspects of life. Alright, that ‘wise’ person is Barney Stinson and you really have to take everything that he says with a grain of salt. The new Shwood Prescott […]

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