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United Edge Colombian Sawback Machete

When you’re traversing the deep jungles of Colombia, there’s no better way to protect yourself and cut a path than having this United Edge Colombian Sawback Machete. The Colombian SawBack features a 24″ full-tang high-grade steel blade which is used to slash anything at the […]

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Daniela Lopez Osorio

At this point in time, whatever gallery that Daniela Lopez Osorio puts out is a gem. We haven’t seen this beauty for over a year now and it’s about time we check her out again. Perfection manifests in many forms but Daniela here is a […]

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Jennifer Hernandez

In most countries that have been conquered by the Spaniards of the past, the name Jennifer Hernandez is as common as they come. But there’s nothing common about this lovely Colombian model. As you can clearly see, she’s exceptionally beautiful. And she’s tall too, with […]

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Ana Lucia Dominguez

Been a really long while since we last saw Ana Lucia Dominguez. The Colombian cutie is still at the top of her game, looking pretty as ever. She’s still in the telenovela scene and she’s still modeling so everything’s all right. Gloss by her Twitter […]

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Melissa Giraldo

The sheer awesomeness of Melissa Giraldo is back after a lengthy absence. It’s actually hard to believe that her last gallery was exactly 372 days ago. That’s 372 days too many, if you ask me. But even if her galleries are few and far between, […]

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Daniella Donado

Somebody who’s really very familiar with Colombian beauties, particularly those from Baranquilla, is Daniella Donado. She’s from that city and she’s the host of Reina de Baranquilla. From the looks of things, Dani (as she prefers to be called on Twitter) is more than qualified […]

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Laura Tobon

You can be chowing down leftover pizza from yesterday but when you’re consuming it with Laura Tobon, then everything becomes gourmet. To be fair, pizza is good eating no matter what, except of course when it’s spoiled. But anything shared with this Colombian hottie is […]

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Tatiana Ramos

Last time we saw Tatiana Ramos, full-grown men were battling for a round ball across a green field for a chance to kiss a gold trophy. Alright, that was the World Cup I was talking about, just in case you missed it. Tatiana didn’t kick […]

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Cristina Hurtado

A mid-week angel ought to do everybody some good. As usual, Colombia provides the charm with Cristina Hurtado. Another product of a reality show, Cristina is different because she looks absolutely beautiful and she has the smarts to back up that beauty. Unfortunately, the same […]

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Maria Alejandra Londono

Our aim here is to please and as always, we are employing the help of another beautiful Latina lady. We’re not really strangers to their enchanting looks but it’s really a delight when you’re greeted with somebody like Maria Alejandra Londono. Alright, we’re talking about […]

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