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adidas Element Refine

Now that the NBA and NHL seasons are over, it’s time to focus on other things. By that, we mean you should get off your couch and start exercising. That’s because it’s less than 200 days now that you’ll be swearing to get in shape, as your top New Year’s resolution. Like what I’ve always said before, getting up and walking should be the first step. Running can follow later, if you feel like it. Because the Spurs are champs again, we recommend the adidas Element Refine running shoes. A mesh upper stitched origami style keeps your feet ventilated and the shoes light. Various bits and pieces have been removed within the shoe as well, to keep the weight to a minimum and to lower the overall center of gravity. Finally, the one-piece outsole gives you superior traction with a sleek style. The Element Refine is available in 9 different color combos, though the black on black must be the coolest. $70.

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