Adversaries into Allies

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The Bible says ‘blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.’ What the good book doesn’t say is that the world is also filled with douchebags who’ll take the first sign of weakness and turn it against somebody if it meant a meager reward or temporary advantage. While it’s always fun to thrash a d-bag, it’s better if you do it in a more civilized manner. Just follow the steps being offered in ‘Adversaries into Allies: Win Over People without Manipulation or Coercion’ by Bob Burg. The subtitle alone should be enough to tell you that certain things in life need not brute strength to get what you want. Five steps within the book will get you past that annoying person at work and it may even bring you that much closer to the woman that you fancy. Because getting a girl to do what you want through coercion has an official police term – rape – and surely, you don’t want that across your good name. Abrasive personalities have a place inside a hockey rink or a boxing ring, but not in the real world. This book will fine tune your people skills and help you become a nicer person, armed to the teeth with diplomacy and the proper decorum. $13+.

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