Aerovation Laptop Bag: Checkpoint Friendly

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This is the world we live in now, we can’t board a plane without going through intense security checks on our person and our belongings. Don’t be bothered again by airport security when you bring your laptop by using this laptop bag. The Aerovation is what they say as “checkpoint-friendly” because you can isolate the laptop from the rest of its accessories and your personal belongings. One half of the bag houses the laptop, nothing else, while the other half stores other things. When you get at the checkpoint, just separate the two halves by releasing the velcro strap and laying the two halves flat. Lift the middle handle after the x-ray and you’re back on your way. The bag is TSA-approved so the trained checkers would instantly recognize the bag and won’t give you (hopefully) a difficult time at the checkpoint. $80.

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