Alexander McQueen Leather Billfold

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Truthfully speaking, Jules’ BMF wallet in Pulp Fiction is fierce. I mean, no one will mess around a wallet that has its own label of badassery. This leather billfold version from Alexander McQueen is right on par with that. While the BMF uses words to scare the living bejesus out of anyone who happens to grab it (other than the owner), the Alexander McQueen version has an image of a skull silhouetted by the spine. When you think about it, only a select group of people would use a skull as their symbol – heavy metal artists, prize fighters and pirates like us. Those collection of people don’t take wallet-stealing lightly so thieves beware. This wallet has 10 card slots and two currency compartments and is made in Italy. What’s not listed is the fear that it instills to anyone dumb enough to lift it from you. $295.

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