Ana Lucia Blaksley

Ana Lucia Blaksley

Of all the days that are coming up, make sure that you do your business with Ana Lucia Blaksley before July 2. That’s because she, and all Argentinians, will be tuning in to their country’s match against Switzerland. Can’t blame them since soccer (football) is like a religion. Ana Lucia moved from Buenos Aires to Mexico City because of her ex. We don’t know the guy but we can categorically say that he’s a bonehead for letting this beauty go. Then again, what’s bad news for one dude is excellent news for the rest of us. Just like in football - there can only be one winner and there would be a lot of heartache along the way. Modeling is only a sideline for Ana Lucia nowadays because she wants to concentrate on acting. Let’s just hope that we see more of her.

Ana Lucia Blaksley
Ana Lucia Blaksley

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