Beau Joie Rose Champagne

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We are not going to include this Champagne bottle into the bling-bling line of luxurious decanters but rather, the Beau Joie Rose Champagne features a unique medieval-like body that we’ve never seen before. Crafted in eco-friendly recyclable copper scraps, the Beau Joie Rose Champagne’s case is adorned with 60 hand-applied rivets complimenting the rose color peeks between the criss-cross windows and rubber base. The Beau Joie crest with black borders in the middle makes a floating illusion that really stands out. The contents, on the other hand, feature a bubbly 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay extracted from the finest grapes of Epernay, France. This one-of-a-kind Beau Joie Rose Champagne will be available in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day. $125+.

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