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When you’re not out swinging and chopping with your axe, you better keep the head somewhere safe before you, or somebody else, gets hurt. With the Best Made Company Axe Sling, it won’t be a problem. The backpack-style sling is made of 8-10 ounces of American top-grade cowhide with solid brass hardware. Of course, the sling works perfectly with the Best Made Axe but that’s another purchase altogether. Keep your hands free and your axe safe inside the sling and continue on with your trekking or camping. $165.

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  1. 06-25-2011 at 4:00 pm
    Handy Dandy Axe-Pack | Zombie News | Zombie Zone News

    […] So instead of relying on your jeans to hold your axe, rely on the handy dandy Axe-Pack! Comes in one color, leather brown, and lets people know that you mean business when it comes to zombie killing. It has safety clips to prevent any unwanted usage, keeps it secure in place and is adjustable to fit any body type. A must have for this seasons zombie hunter! I guarantee that the Zeds are not going to want to mess with the person sporting one of these! Want one yourself? Buy it here at […]

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