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Taking the unique way of piquing the interest of your young ones to learn photography is the Bigshot Camera. While it’s really easy to get your hands on a decent point-and-shoot these days, the Bigshot offers something that none of the big manufacturers have: It’s the experience of building the camera yourself. Coming as a kit, the camera will be assembled and in the process, teach kids (or kids at heart) about the inner workings of a camera. It will even teach them about electronics and power generation, because the Bigshot comes with its own hand-crank that powers the whole system. In front of the lens is a dial that allows for creative shooting like panoramas and even 3D images. At the very heart of the system is a 3-megapixel sensor with an internal memory that allows for about 120 shots. The photos are displayed on a 1.4-inch LCD display, which is kinda small but for the purposes of this shooter, it’s plenty enough. $89.

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