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Surfers are cool and all but big wave surfers are on a class on their own. With the potential of a wipeout (and eventual drowning) looming, they have to protect themselves; but their gear have to do their part as well. When Shane Dorian almost went to Davy Jones’ locker, he asked his sponsor to design a suit with an air bladder that inflates when triggered by the surfer. The Billabong V1 Wetsuit is like the life jacket found in airplanes. With a swift tug of the ripcord, the bladder inflates, bringing the surfer back to the surface. It’s available for seriously serious big wave surfers, so better contact Billabong for the availability and the price. But you’d have to wonder, how can it float a man sporting some huge cojones riding waves that could snap a boat in half? $TBD.

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