Blue Sky Snow Globe

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Blue Sky Snow Globe

Finally, the right stocking stuffer for that friend of yours who couldn’t get over Breaking Bad. We understand his feelings so to console him, better call Saul buy the Blue Sky Snow Globe. Relive the misadventures of the genius Walter White and his bumbling idiot of an apprentice, Jesse Pinkman, with this item. The RV known as The Krystal Ship had an insane beginning, and it was the duo’s companion into developing the most recognized methamphetamine in the world. Give it a shake and the legendary blue crystal rains down on the vehicle. Put it on your desk and remind yourself that whatever is happening to your life right now, there are others who are dealt with way worse cards. We have to sternly remind you though that this is for decoration only. The ‘crystal’ floating around there is just plastic and will not give you a high no matter how hard you smoke it. Also, respect the chemistry. ~$41.

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