BMW S1000 RR: Speed And Control

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Speed is one thing, but being able to handle a bike at speed is another. And riding in the rain? That’s a whole new story. BMW knows the problems with riding a bike for they have built two-wheelers since 1923 and their latest sport bike addresses the many problems a rider might face. The 999-cc S1000 RR delivers 193 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and weighing only 450 lbs with a tank full of gas, you’ll be sure that the bike will be flying. But you won’t be without control since it will come with a Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control, a first for sport bikes. Four settings will be available: Rain, Race, Sport, and Slick. Every condition imaginable will be handled with aplomb, so you’ll be assured of a joyous ride. The S1000 RR will be available next year. $TBA.

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