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Booq Boa Shift

Boa constrictors are so efficient at hunting that they swallow up their prey whole. Alright, boa constrictors, or any snake for that matter, can’t chew their victims so they have to gobble everything up. That’s also the idea behind the new Boa Shift from Booq bags. On the outside, the backpack is beautifully simple, with clean lines that look deadly serious. But when it unhinges its jaws, so to speak, the Boa Shift becomes a totally different animal that can devour your gadgets, books or what-have-yous. There’s a dedicated laptop compartment, filled with all kinds of protective padding, that will fit your MacBook or any other 13-15″ notebook. Your iPhone will be within easy reach as well as the elastic, pop-out pockets have been integrated with the carrying strap. A removable accessory pouch also comes in handy for your earbuds or other important stuff that need easy access. The Boa Shift is made of 1680 denier ballistic nylon with a water-repellant coating to keep your gear dry. Even better is the fact that you can register your Boa Shift to Booq’s Terralinq Service and help locate your bag in case it gets lost. $150.

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