Bose SoundLink III

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Bose SoundLink III

Any meeting between you and your buddies get instantly better when you add music. That and/or copious amounts of booze. Whatever the case may be, always keep the tunes going by packing the new Bose SoundLink III. The wireless speakers communicate with your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. This means that if your posse feels like break dancing, then no wires or cables could get in the way. Featuring a rechargeable battery, the SoundLink III lets you enjoy up to 14 hours of music in one charge. Hidden within the sleek exterior are four drivers and two radiators to deliver a wide range of sound. The speakers are customizable too, with a couple of covers available to personalize your gear. In case you want to play the old-fashioned way, the SoundLink III has an auxiliary input as well to let you plug your dinosaur of a player. An optional 12V adapter that lets you charge the speakers via your car’s lighter jack is also available. Since you may be asking favors from your friends while spring cleaning, providing them with a decent sound system is the least you can do. But don’t skimp on the booze afterwards either. $299.

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