Brabus 850 iBusiness

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From the outside, you’d think that this is your typical long wheelbase S-Class Mercedes-Benz. But looks could be totally deceiving because underneath the MB exterior is the Brabus 850 iBusiness – a seriously serious monster. It begins with the massive engine that’s been re-bored to 5.9 liters, fitted with a couple of turbos to put out 850 ferocious horses with 1,069 lb-ft of torque. The intakes are even lined with real gold because it looks cool and because gold is a good thermal conductor. But I’m guessing it’s the cool factor that’s the primary reason that the precious metal is there. The plush interior is integrated with an iPad mini, a Mac mini and a 15.9-inch monitor for handling whatever job it is you might be doing that may require a computer. When you’re not in the mood for computing, you can simply stare at the starry night sky that’s lining the roof of the car. Needless to say, you have unlimited options for the interior that only your budget and your imagination could limit you in what you put in this ride. $TBD.

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