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It’s a weekend once again and what better way to celebrate it than a round of drinks. It takes a brave man to choose between beer and hard liquor, but to make the decision easier, enter Bruvado. Their Chaser Pack gives you the best of both worlds. It begins with the Bruvado Tequila Pack, which comes with five bottles of lager along with five shots of tequila made from 100% pure agave. There’s also the Bruvado Bourbon Pack, which substitutes the tequila with five shots of bourbon aged in oak barrels. While you’re in the mood for mixing, you can also try the Michelada, a special drink that rests somewhere between a mixed drink and beer. Like with any alcoholic beverage, it’s always better if taken in moderation. $TBD.

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One Comment to “Bruvado Chaser Pack”

  1. 10-20-2012 at 7:40 am

    I’ve tried the michelada one,they tasted good

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