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When things are going well, it’s actually hard to think about disasters and moments of emergency - until you find yourself swirling in one. But to gently remind you that anything can happen, we’d like to you be prepared. And today’s subject is about emergency lighting. The MoMA Store is offering the Bulb Flashlight exclusively. On normal days, it looks like any one of your typical light bulbs, albeit with a bigger face. It’s time to shine comes when power suddenly cuts out because it transforms into a flashlight (or a torch, for our British friends). Hidden within the simple construction are LEDs that deliver the light and a rechargeable battery that constantly charges/recharges in non-emergency situations. The bulb can even extend its chassis to become the handle for the flashlight. It’s recommended that you screw-in the Bulb Flashlight in easy-to-reach places, like a table lamp, so you won’t have to fumble in the dark when you need it. $45.

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