Bushmills x Elijah Wood x Grado Headphones

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Oak barrels are certainly worth their weight in gold. After all, the containers lead a pretty good life, holding some of the finest liquids that man has ever concocted. When their whiskey-making days are over, the barrels aren’t thrown away. Some find life in other forms, like these incredible headphones. A collaboration between The Bushmills Whiskey Distillery of Ireland and Grado Labs, these cans are carved from wood sourced from said barrels. The material is known for its mellowness – for the drink it once held and now, for the sound that it produces. Designed by Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, the headphones have a vented back design, a first for Grado. White oak barrels are in great demand and each one of these headphones are made by hand so understandably, supplies are always short. They are currently unavailable but we do urge you to come back and check out once these amazing audio accessories become available again. $395.

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