Carlsberg x Lars Ulrich Beer

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Carlsberg x Lars Ulrich Beer

He could have been a professional tennis player like his dad, but Lars Ulrich chose a different, much better path. Instead of swinging tennis rackets, the Dane decided that hitting two drumsticks on snares, toms and cymbals are livelier. So he co-founded Metallica which was to become the world’s most famous heavy metal band. In the process, Lars rose to the top, which is what the new Carlsberg Stand Out Collection is all about. The Danish beer company decided to put several influential people in the design of their new beer bottles. For the metal drummer’s bottle, a photograph of him addressing thousands of fans adorn the side. Taken by legendary photographer Ross Halfin, the shot is a reminder of how Lars stands out from the rest of his peers. The world has seen hundreds of heavy metal drummers but few has had the influence and the effect that the Metallica trapsman. Carlsberg’s official website says that the Lars Ulrich beer will be available in 7-Eleven stores. Better check out your local site. $TBD.

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