Celebrate Christmas Lamborghini Style

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This year, you can celebrate the Christmas with the perfect Christmas ornaments and gifts from Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Store has introduced their line of holiday-themed home decorations, allowing you to trim your tree with Lamborghini’s ceramic globes in Murcielago’s Grigio Telesto color with that famous bull and shield.

Set the mood at your holiday parties with Lamborghini candles. They feature slow-burning wicks and are embossed with the Lambo shield and “Buon Natale,” Italian for Merry Christmas. The candles use the same Grigio Telesto shade.

Lamborghini also offers its own line of Christmas cards with translucent yellow envelopes. Included in the box is a white pen to write your holiday greetings on the cards’ black paper. Items are available from the four official Lamborghini dealerships in the UK, in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. You can also order them online via Lamborghini website.

Via Luxurylaunches.

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