Celestron Digital Microscope: Hunt Those Bugs

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What with the threat of a global swine flu pandemic looming, you may just have the cure for that dreaded disease and you didn’t even know about it because you were lacking a microscope. Every self-respecting scientist’s must-have tool of course is the microscope and this one from Celestron is just a digital version. The 2 inch LCD screen lets you view the miniature baddies from 24x to 240x and onward to 1920x with the digital zoom. It has a built-in 2 megapixel camera letting you document your findings onto an SD card or to your PC via the USB cable. The kit comes with slides and slide holder. Don’t just sit there, time to go exploring for the cure to swine flu. Or you could just swab your keyboard and view the less-than-friendly residents on there. $180.

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