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Answer yes to any of these questions and the Recycled Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cuff Links may just be the perfect fashion accessory for you: (a) you’re an IT or electronics expert, (b) you love the environment, or (c) you are a style icon. Thousands of mother boards, memory modules, or cellular phones get dumped into landfills every day and these items all contain circuit boards. Now, you can help the recycling of these boards with these one-of-a-kind cuff links. Available in round or square shape. £16.

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  1. 02-13-2011 at 5:08 pm

    What do you think about this thing called Valentines Day ? This is just another ocasion to go crazy and buy things and spend money on girls or just an ocassion to prove our love to our half? I really don`t know what to think any more ..

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