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Citizen Eco Drive Avion

Whether they are flying the latest stealth fighters, ferrying passengers to every corner of the world or simply transporting rubber dog crap to Hong Kong, pilots still have awesome jobs. They even get to defy gravity (for hours on end) each and every day. And they get the coolest watches inspired in their honor too. Like the new Citizen Eco-Drive Avion (Model Number AW1361-10H). Without any doubt, the layout of this solar-powered wristwatch is taken directly from a cockpit instrument. More specifically, an altimeter thanks to the design of the hands and the way the date window appears. But the Avion is not just about looks but functionality as well. The watchface is simple and usable, with pertinent indicators that will be useful to aviators everywhere. The biggest numerical indicator denotes the minutes with the hour indicator in red on a smaller circle inside. Right within that circle is the 24-hour indicator, on a different shade for contrast. The Avion is on the larger side as well, with a 45mm-wide dial plus a dominating crown. It’s wrapped with a leather strap with contrasting stitches. Pilots will have no problem keeping the watch charged since they enjoy long hours in the cockpit with plenty of light. Citizen suggests that you keep the watch facing direct sunlight for up to 6 hours a month to fully charge the batteries however. Again, even if you’re not the flying type, it’s still a great watch to admire. $185.

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