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Insomnia is actually a buzzword that people like to throw around nowadays. They blame the ‘condition’ for many sleepless nights, when in fact, it’s the Internet’s fault that they’re not sleeping at all. And usually, it’s the bedroom clock that accompanies them in their nightly labor. The flashing LCD of a clock can be annoying when you’re trying to sleep, so it’s time to hide that display. Meet the Click Cube Clock from Firebox. When you don’t need to see the time, the clock is just a box. But click your fingers or lightly tap your side table and voila! Instant time display. It’s on for just enough time for you to check the digits. The Click Cube Clock will even display ambient temperature. And it can even transform into the bane of every sleeping man - an alarm clock. Made of tough ABS plastic with a beautiful wooden veneer, the clock is also nice to look at, even when not displaying time. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries to keep it wire-free, though you can still hook it up to a USB port if you wish. ~$50.

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