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You can be enjoying an episode of Breaking Bad when some crazy nut job decides to cramp your style with guns drawn and looking for trouble. If you happen to be seated on the CouchBunker, then it’s game on. Hidden beneath the seats is a large safe that has space for up to 30 rifles and various ammo (or valuables, if you’re not the fighting type). You can even equip the CouchBunker with bullet-proof cushions with a handle that allows you to protect yourself on the go. The cushion is tough and can take a 44 Magnum up close. There are several models to choose from including the Mesa, Kingsville and Bridgeport. There’s even a matching Ottoman for those who need to put their feet up. Needless to say, that too hides a safe when your arsenal wouldn’t fit on the main couch. Fighting is never a great option but when you have to, then this piece of furniture and the weapons you have should give you a chance. $5,036+.

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