Dalys1895 Engine Turned Money Clip

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As with all things in life, the devil is usually in the details. Small items need intricate work to set them apart from the competition. While not all people would appreciate fine detail work, it’s still nice to know that the item you’re carrying was made with love and passion. Just like this money clip from Dalys1895. Made of Sterling Silver, the style accessory has undergone a process called ‘engine turning’ or ‘Guilloche‘ which makes fine engraved patterns on the metal. Normally reserved for high-end products like mechanical watches, the Dalys1895 money clip gets the royal treatment. So much so that their money clip has deeper cuts and more detail than a similar product from another brand. At 7/8-inch wide and 2.25-inches long, the clip is big enough to hold a fair amount of cash. Dalys1895 is even offering an engraving feature on the money clip for even more personalization. The next logical step now, of course, is to acquire the greenbacks to fill the money clip. $155+.

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