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Prisma City won’t be safe from Comrade Black and his cohorts, the Inkt Corporation, from ridding it of color unless you stop them in the second installment of de Blob. The new game will be available on Wii, PS3, Xbox and DS for 16-hours worth of color, music and adventure. Battle all new enemies and different bosses with new Power-Ups like Regen, Hazmat, Superchange, Graviton and Iron Blob. Blob will also be getting help from new teammates to make sure that colors stay in their world. Having a chance to test out de Blob 2 on PS3 we can say that this game is hours and hours of fun for the whole family and the Playstation Move makes owning a Wii in addition to a PS3 completely unnecessary and somewhat obsolete, but if you already own a Wii then the game is available for you there too, just like the 1st Blob game. The game is visually captivating with all of the colors and scenery, this game basically makes you feel like a graffiti hero. $50.

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