Dean Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth

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Nothing says ‘metal’ than a Flying V electric guitar. But nothing says ‘heavy metal’ than a Flying V that’s spattered with blood and sporting angel wings. That’s the story for this sample of the Dean Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth electric guitar. Coming from the Dean Signature Series, the guitar is a pre-loved sample but still sharp as ever. It has a beveled mahogany body with a 25.5″ scale neck and an ebony fingerboard. Grover tuners keep the strings in tune; while the Dave Mustaine Live Wire Duncan pickups provide the voice for this angel. Expect a couple of scratches on the guitar since this has seen action before. But to keep it from getting banged up when you’re on the road, the axe comes with its own hardshell case. You may not be in Megadeth but you can channel old Dave there and his power through his guitar. $800.

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