Diablo FX Sound Control 6

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Unless your name happened to be Hammett, Van Halen or Gilbert, chances are, you are your own roadie when there’s a gig. Having lots of pedals are alright, but assembling and packing them up is a nightmare. With the Sound Control 6 from Diablo FX, your work is now easier. Just assign a particular set of effects into one bank, set the foot switch, and you’re ready to rock. No more tap dancing into the correct set of pedals for a particular song or lick. The SC 6 is wireless too, so you don’t mess around with the unwieldy cables on stage. It even bypasses unused pedals to give you the truest sound, without degradation. And because your pedals could be hidden from view, thieves would have a hard time getting a five-fingered discount in your shows. $600.

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