Diesel Black Label: Blank Stares

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You don’t need to be Robert Langdon or a symbologist for that matter to tell time using this Diesel DZ9044 Black Label Watch. The watch face appears to be flat and lifeless, needing a bit of deciphering to tell time. But it’s actually just a flat polished surface with no intention of telling the time whatsoever. The real watch (in this case, 4 dials) is found on the sides of the watch. That’s riight, Diesel crams four displays, two on each side, on this timepiece. Perfect for telling time in four different time zones. It’s great if you wanna feign attention to your date without them suspecting your impatience by constantly glancing at the face of your watch. Just put your hand on your chin and voila, you can view the time, no matter where you are in the world! $365.

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