DJI Phantom 2 and Phantom FC40

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Taking aerial photography to two new levels are the Phantom 2 and Phantom FC40 Quadcopters from DJI Innovations. While these new models may look like their older brother, the new fliers are totally different. The Phantom 2 has bigger propellers for carrying more weight. It’s also optimized to carry the self-stabilizing Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal (sold separately). This means a more steady shot even if you’re flying in choppy conditions. You would also have to provide your own GoPro camera to enjoy the new flight characteristics of the Phantom 2. But in case you don’t wanna shell out extra cash for those action cams, you can instead go the Phantom FC40 route. This quadcopter is loaded with its own, 720p video camera. The shooter might not be as crisp as other varieties but for casual users, it’s more than enough. Both models also feature self-tightening propellers and both are controllable through an app. Now only your budget and your enthusiasm will be the limiting factors for your creativity. $560+.

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