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There are any number of barriers between you and a game of golf. It could be the cumbersome bag containing over a dozen clubs. It could be the hassle of transporting said bag and clubs, if you’re just riding a moped or similar transportation. Or it could be an angry wife who threw said bag and clubs down the river. DV8 Sports hopes to remedy those with their ingenious solution. They call their system DV8 Sports: Golf Without Obstacles. What the company did is eliminate the need for 14 individual golf clubs - the kind with a shaft and club head. Instead, the system comes with one or two shafts that can be connected to 14 different regulation club heads. All are contained inside a backpack that’s easy to stow, or even easier to hide from a crossed missus. You may be thinking, what about the driver’s shaft? That’s longer than your typical irons or putter, right? DV8 Sports solves that with a quick-change coupler to vary the length of the shaft. Assembling a club takes about 3 seconds. Tightening can be done by hand, but DV8 Sports suggests that you use the tool provided for added security and more leverage to your shot. You can get just the innovative bag for now or go Fully Monty ($1,070), as in all 14 club heads with 2 shafts plus the bag. The project is being crowd-funded through Kickstarter right now and the target should be achieved in 32 days. $170+.

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