English Channel Pedal Boat

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If you remember clearly, 59-year-old Paul Tucker has set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest pedal-powered crossing of the English Channel in 2002 by using a 12-foot Nauticraft Escapade. Today, you can acquire the same model complete with all the necessary equipment. The English Channel Pedal Boat features a light pedal crank that powers a 16″, two-bladed propeller giving out a hull speed of over 5mph. A built-in manual bilge pump, a marine-grade woven acrylic Bimini top shields you from the sun, protective windshield, high freeboard and an adjustable recumbent seat are also included in the boat. Sure it’s quite pricey but proving it has the stability and durability to face rough and windy conditions will make you tempted to grab the English Channel Pedal Boat. $3,800.

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