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Bet you a million bucks that exercise is the last thing on your mind right now. What with Thanksgiving, Christmas and other red-letter days coming up. And with that, all the food and booze that you can handle. But it’s still good to keep in mind that your mortal body can only handle so much. Exercise and the gym should still be on your menu. Make that trip a bit easier on your physique with the EvoGrips. The clever attachment to gym bars and exercise equipment makes gripping easier, thanks to the rounded profile that conforms to your natural anatomy. Made of a thermoplastic elastomer, EvoGrips have a high elasticity which allows you to handle equipment that much easier. The material also prevents slippage because you don’t want that when you’re bench-pressing hundreds of pounds. There are only a few hours left for this Kickstarter initiative but since they’re over the hill in terms of funding, you can bet that you can get your EvoGrips when you order now. $29+.

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