Flugel Energy Drink Vodka

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Flügel combines vodka with the taste of black currant and the energy boost of guarana, B vitamins, and caffeine. This “healthy” vodka is currently available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. It is targeted to youth partygoers. The tiny 20ml bottle is actually the size of your palm, and could be easily concealed inside a pocket. The Flugel contains 10 percent alcohol by volume.

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  1. 12-19-2011 at 4:53 am
    Benidorm: more than just a package holiday : Go Girl Magazine

    […] are already paid for, you can spend more money on your liquor of choice (may I suggest you try a ‘Flugel’). Spend your days relaxing by the pool or the beach. Save your energy for hitting the town and […]

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