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FWD Powershot

Hockey players never really need to boast about their shot power because it’s all about accuracy. But it’s also nice if you can actually tell just how hard your shot is. With the FWD Powershot from the Quattriuum Team of Montreal, Quebec, you can do just that. It’s a two-part system, with a device that fits inside the shaft of most modern hockey sticks. This means that if you’re old-school and you still use solid, wooden sticks, then you’re out of luck. The device then connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, then an app analyzes the data from the FWD Powershot. If the device is in range, you can actually see real time data about puck speed, stick angle, velocity and stuff like that. When it’s not in range, the device stores up to a thousand shots that gets downloaded to your smartphone. The project is looking for funding through Kickstarter now. $100+.

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