Gibson Memory Cable

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Gibson Memory Cable

Every guitar player has had his/her moment of clarity - when the notes and scales just felt right and when everything clicks. He/she has also discovered that that moment can’t be recreated. And if you didn’t record that particular lick or chord pattern, then it’s gone forever. There are any number of ways to capture your axe’s voice, but this one might be the most unusual. The Gibson Memory Cable records your guitar’s sound in on itself. No external recorder or software, just the cable. Using technology provided by TASCAM, the Memory Cable has a micro SD slot for storage. Record up to 13 hours of CD-quality sound at 44.1 kHz/16-bit resolution. Gibson calls the Memory Cable ‘Inspiration Insurance’ since you’ll never known when Murphy’s Law takes effect. Your computer or recorder would crash at any moment, but because your sound is safely stored in the Memory Cable, then your music is safe. Plug in your guitar, bass or keyboard and you’ll play confidently, knowing that your next big hit could just be recalled through this amazing device. $100.

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