GTA Spano: Iberian Wolf

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Spain has become one of the last bastions of the European wolf. And now, there’s a new breed of howling beast that comes out of the country. Fifteen years of experience and five years of development gave birth to the GTA Spano, Spain’s answer to the other European supercars. At the heart of this road-going wolf is a GTA V10, able to produce 780 horsepower on regular gasoline, capable of running to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds from a standing start, onward to a top speed of 219 mph. Feed it with bioethanol and it becomes an alpha male with 840 horses. Shifting gears is a three-way choice between a 7-speed manual sequential, an automatic sequential paddle shift, or a traditional gated manual. Stopping the Spano are 6-piston AP Racing carbon ceramic brakes. So seek the wolf in thyself, and good luck in hunting one from the pack of 99 GTA Spanos. $670,000.

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