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A couple of decades ago, when you announce that there will be an electric-powered Harley-Davidson motorcycle, people would look at you like you had two heads. It was certainly unthinkable back then. But times have changed and the environment plays a big part into a manufacturer’s consideration. Harley-Davidson follows the trend with the introduction of the LiveWire. Harley’s first electric motorcycle is a huge step for the company and a proof of concept. Though it won’t be for sale, the electric Harley can still be experienced by the general public. The LiveWire is powered by a longitudinally-mounted electric motor fitted inside a classic Harley design. You might be familiar with the look of said engine, because it’s modeled after the superchargers of top fuel dragsters. The classic racing design gives the LiveWire a really fast appearance. Harley-Davidson says that it’s not all show because this bike has the proper go. There are plenty of new models from the company featuring internal combustion engines, so the traditional Harley won’t be going away any time soon. But the future is upon us and the LiveWire will be leading the way. Go check out the company’s website to see where you can try out the electric Harley.

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