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It’s not uncommon for anybody to have spare 2.5 or 3.5″ SATA drives lying around, what with the cost of storage steadily going down. You can extend their lives, if you have a Thunderbolt-loaded Mac when you hook it up with the RocketStor 5212 from HighPoint Technologies. Basically, it’s a cradle for those drives that connect to your Mac using the very fast interface. You can potentially get up to 10Gbps transfer rate using Thunderbolt, which is very useful for data-intensive jobs. Expansion is all dependent on your preference and budget – you can take advantage of the immense 4TB capacity of mechanical drives (ones with the spinning platters) and get up to 8TB worth of storage when you double them up. Or you can go the solid-state way and pair two SSDs for an all flash ensemble for your setup (i.e. MacBook Air). It also comes with its own software, SMART Clone, for easy replication of a particular drive or partition. Please note that when you buy the RocketStor, you get the device sans drives. $220.

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