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iRobot Braava

Eliminating another boring job and leaving it for a mechanized servant is iRobot with the introduction of the Braava. The automatic mop cleans and wipes your floor so you’ll get that much needed quality time. This is useful for whatever job you may have at hand but had to take a back seat because you had to mop the floor. Just like its robotic brethren the Roomba and Scooba, the Braava does all the work with little to no supervision. It uses its own navigation system to help it pinpoint the exact location on the floor that the automatic mop has passed. Two settings are available for the robot: Dry for quick, straight line passes to pick up dust, hair and other particulates. Or you can set it to damp where the Braava makes back and forth passes on an area, just as you would on a manual mop. There’s even an assembly where you can store water to keep the dampness of the cloth. It’s available as the 320 or 380t model, where the latter provides more battery power to cover a bigger surface area. $200+.

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