Ivana Nadal

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Ivana Nadal

As always, H para Hombre magazine delivers yet another undiscovered beauty to us. This time around, it’s Ivana Nadal from Argentina who gets the spotlight. From the little info that we’ve gathered about this beauty so far, we’ve known that Ivana is a model representing several agencies. She’s also a co-host for some show. We have the faintest idea what shows are all about but we can guarantee that it’s fascinating. It could be about watching how grass grow or paint dry - as long as Ivana Nadal is a host, then we’ll treat it like it was March Madness all over again. There are several social networking sites dedicated to this beauty, though we won’t know if she’s the one maintaining them or not. Nevertheless, you can follow her Facebook fan page or her Twitter account and see what’s what.

Ivana Nadal
Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal

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