Jabra DRIVE In-Car Speakerphone

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Jabra DRIVE In Car Speakerphone

We won’t be stating all the horrors that can befall anyone who’s distracted by their phones while driving. You probably should know that by now. Still, we’re here to inform you that you should maintain focus whenever you’re behind the wheel. A phone call should be done in the least distracting way possible - through a speakerphone. There are any number of ways to accomplish that, but what we have in offer now should be the top of your consideration. The Jabra DRIVE In-Car Speakerphone allows you to make crystal clear phone calls within your car. Thanks to its advanced DSP technology, it only picks up your voice and not the ambient noise. Pairing it with your device is simple, just follow the step by step, voice walkthrough. It will even let you know if it’s running low on juice, all by a friendly voice. When your phone rings, just tap on the big buttons on the DRIVE and you’re good to go. And because not all of your time behind the wheel is spent on phone calls, the device pairs up with two Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means you can hook up your GPS or even a music player to keep you entertained. Setting it up physically is also as easy as clipping the DRIVE to your car’s visor. The neatest thing about this though is the huge discount being offered on it right now through Amazon. Again, it’s always nice to start the week right with huge savings. $40.

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