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Jackson Soloist SLX

Playing music live consists of actually handling an instrument or singing your heart out with a bit of showmanship added as well. Metal guitarists can’t be bothered with costumes or other ridiculous stuff like that, which is why their guitar’s looks matter. Strap on this Jackson Soloist SLX and see the audience eyes gravitate towards your direction. The taxi cab yellow on this X-Series electric guitar just screams stop and look at me. If they hail you, then it’s all for the better. This just means that they are actually paying attention to your playing. The guitar comes with a basswood body with a neck-through maple construction for incredible sustains. Like most Jacksons, the Soloist SLX comes with 24 frets marked by the familiar sharkfin inlays. The trademark compound radius on the frets - rounded near the nut that flattens towards the heel, gives you a more natural feel. This particular model comes with humbucking pickups for the neck and the bridge and are selectable via a three-way switch. The bridge is a Floyd Rose Special double locking tremolo for those distinctive dive bombs and pinch harmonic wails. Jackson is renowned in the world of metal, having provided guitars for the likes of Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine and the great Randy Rhoads. This only means you’ll get an axe that has a shredder’s pedigree in the Soloist SLX. In case you’re not fond of the taxi yellow color scheme, the guitar is being offered in four other shades. $TBD.

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