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When going out camping or mountain climbing, one of the most crucial things that you must know, is to learn how to set up a camp fire in a least amount of time. But for places like damp, frigid snow-covered woods or mountain peaks where creating fire is quite a challenge, we got something that can ease up your cold, shivering body. Presenting the lightweight and compact Jetboil Sol Stove. This outdoor stove features a burner with a fuel regulator, which can maintain a consistent flow of gas down to 20-degrees Fahrenheit making it suitable to use in any kind of weather condition. In addition, the Jetboil Sol Stove also comes with a 0.8-liter aluminum FluxRing® cooking cup with a head-indicator and a twist that locks the stove and the cooking cup together for convenient heating. It also has an adjustable flame burner windscreen, push-button piezo igniter sparks, pot support and a stabilizer tripod. $120.

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