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Clutter is definitely an unwelcome guest no matter where you are. It’s not welcome on your desk, your closet and most certainly not in your pockets. Left Field Design looks to solve that problem with three new products that have been the result of their forward thinking. These include the KeyClip, KeyCase and CardClip – each with their own specialty and will handle a particular item in your pocket. The KeyClip holds your house keys in an organized manner, a la Swiss Army knife. A money clip is integrated within the assembly that’s the same size as a credit card. On the other hand, the KeyCase is a slimmer version of the KeyClip. The CardClip is a super svelte wallet that holds both case and credit card for easy reach. You can even opt to have your KeyClip equipped with an RFID-blocking material for added security. The Kickstarter project is well on its way to its target amount and you can pledge now and get your sexy wallet/key organizer. $20+.

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